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UC San Diego internal Medicine Residents at ACP West Region Annual Meeting 2017.

Scholarly Activities

Internal medicine residents at American College of Cardiology meeting in April 2016.The UC San Diego Internal Medicine Residency Program is a highly academic training program. The excellent research and clinical faculty help the residents achieve the goals of participating in scholarly activities. It is our purpose to train residents in both clinical medicine and the scientific basis of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions.

Every resident participates in a scholarly project that is presented to peers. Additionally, they are responsible for other teaching activities in evidence-based medicine, journal club, and morbidity and mortality conferences.

Pictured, from left: Drs. Rohit Mital (R2), Jonathan Harrison (R2), Misha (Mikhail) Narezkin (R2), Darrin Wong (R3) and Neil Beri (R2) at the American College of Cardiology meeting in April 2016.

Research Elective

Residents may elect to undertake a two-month research elective under the mentorship of a faculty member during their second or third year. Many great mentors are accessible at UC San Diego; the faculty members place a high value on mentorship. Each resident is assigned to a faculty mentor during the internship year. Residents may identify other mentors as their specialty and research interests come into focus. 

Research projects have been diverse, from epidemiology to clinical studies to basic science/bench research to quality improvement. Many of the research projects have gone on to be presented at national meetings and to peer-reviewed manuscripts.

The research projects are abstracted and placed on the residency website and presented at teaching conferences each year. Each academic year, the residents compete for four slots during the Medicine Grand Rounds series to present their research results. 

The two research elective months may be consecutive or separate.

Below right: Dr. Holly Greenwald (R2); Center: Robert Thomas (R2), Anand Srikrishnan (R2), Fady Youssef (R2), David Xu (R2); Left: Shaun Giancaterino (R1).

Residents at ACP 2017

Below: Front row Jackie McKesey (R1), Pre Bhatia (R2), Stephanie Koh (R2), Kim Chau (R2), Holly Greenwald (R2); Back row Omar Aldaas (R1), Alex Cypro (R1), Shaun Giancaterino (R1), Eric Jones (R2), Gary Ma (R2), and Amit Pandey (R2) at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the ACP West Region. 

Residents at ACP

Resident Research Symposium

At the end of the year, residents present the results of their research projects during a symposium coordinated by the residency program. The general academic community is invited in addition to the housestaff and their mentors. This is a great opportunity for residents to showcase their work as well as a supportive environment to gain experience in preparing and delivering an academic talk.

Research Conferences

Resident Jenny Yang at ATS Conference 2016.House staff are encouraged to submit and present their research findings at regional and national conferences. A vast majority do so. All residents receive three academic days for attending conferences, with the residency program providing an educational stipend toward these conferences.

At right: Dr. Jenny Yang (R3) at 2016 American Thoracic Society Annual Meeting.

Resident Publications, Classes of 2014-2016

Excluding the Physician-Scientist Training Pathway

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Current and Past Research Projects