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Faculty Mentoring Program


The Faculty Mentoring Program is designed to provide a network of mentors, resources and opportunities to help our newest faculty integrate into the Department and campus culture and further, to provide a sense of community, support and accountability while addressing the unique needs in research/career planning and efforts to achieve a positive work/life balance.

Goals for faculty mentoring

We are committed to providing a fertile environment that nourishes faculty imagination and potential by mentoring new investigators as they apply for funding to establish their own laboratories and connect creatively both within and beyond UC San Diego and its partner institutions.

Through ongoing seminars and frequent networking events, we aim to serve as a clearinghouse for existing resources, tips to navigate through University complexities and support to balance responsibilities in research, teaching, clinical activities and service.

Program Information


Council of Mentors

Former Mentors
  • Gerry Boss, M.D. (General Internal Medicine)
  • Luis R. Castellanos, M.D., M.P.H. (Cardiology)
  • Chantal Darquenne, PhD (Physiology)
  • Francis B. Gabbai, M.D. (Nephrology)
  • Richard Garfein, PhD, M.P.H. (Global Public Health)
  • Charlie Goldberg, M.D. (General Internal Medicine)
  • Simerjot K. Jassal, M.D., MAS, FACP (General Internal Medicine)
  • Kim M. Kerr, M.D. (Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine)
  • Susan J. Little, M.D. (Infectious Diseases)
  • Jess Mandel, M.D. (Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine)
  • Alison A. Moore, M.D., M.P.H. (Geriatrics)
  • Elaine Muchmore, M.D. (Hematology-Oncology/ BMT)
  • Rebecca E. Sell, M.D. (Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine)
  • Davey Smith, M.D., MAS (Infectious Diseases)


Past Activities
  • Brown Bag Workshops
    • Familiarization with the campus and its environment
    • Career planning and advancement
    • Achieving work-life balance
    • Develop visibility and prominence within the profession
    • Mentor the Mentor
  • Department Mixers
    • Introduction of mentors/mentees
    • Networking with other faculty, leadership and staff support