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Faculty Affairs

The Department of Medicine is home to over 480 physicians and scientists, making us the largest department at the School of Medicine. We are proud to be one of the nation’s leaders in research, education and clinical care.

We aim to develop and share opportunities for our faculty to grow in their careers. We care deeply about our community, our nation and the world — and we believe that the best way to make them better is to apply our inquisitive, passionate, and progressive approaches in all that we do.

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Joachim Ix, M.D.
Vice Chair for Faculty Affairs
Michele L. Fraser 
Director of Faculty and Staff Affairs


Faculty Mentoring Presentations

Date Topic Contact
4/6/2022 DOMCAP Panel - Zoom registration  Michele FraserChristine Johnson
1/26/2022 Career Track & Academic Review Clinical Track Michele FraserChristine Johnson
1/26/2022 Career Track & Academic Review Research Track Michele FraserChristine Johnson
11/30/2021 ABC's of the XYZ's Michele Fraser


Inaugural Department of Medicine Faculty Mentoring Awards

The Department of Medicine celebrates faculty for their outstanding contributions to the mentorship of junior faculty and leaders in academic medicine with the annual faculty mentoring awards.  These awards recognize faculty mentors in each of the three domains of the Department’s mission, namely clinical care, research, and medical education.  The awards are specifically focused on mentors who have made contributions in mentoring junior faculty, rather than residents/fellows, students, or post-doctoral scholars. Nominate a mentor/colleague today! 

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